How to auction

* Term & conditions apply

Learn: How to bid and win online auction for the salvage vehicles from Al Wathba National Insurance Company.

AWNIC conducts Online Auction Services in UAE national via portal Online auctioning is fun, easy, time saver & dirhams saver. Buyers can inspect vehicle by visiting the car site at mussafah inspection site.

WIN online auction with these 7 easy steps*:

1. Free Registration:

Create an account: Click on ‘Register Now’ button and create a free account by filling your basic necessary details.

2. Search and Explore:

You can search your favorite salvage vehicle on the site by clicking on “Find a vehicle” button.

3. Inspect

Check the condition report, photos etc to inspect the vehicle. Inspection should be done before you start bidding if required.

4. FREE to bid:

TP start bidding, user has to accept the terms and conditions form with awnic.

5. How to Bid and Win:

Choose vehicle and press the button “BID NOW” then go to the details of the vehicle and start bidding with minimum increment* of 500 AED (User can bid with => (Greater or equal to) 500 AED increment*). User can also press the “follow” button to keep themselves updated for the current bid. If bid increases on the same vehicle by any other user then all other bidders of the same will be notified via email.

*Increment means: If current bid is 5000 AED and you want to bid for 5600 AED then you will bid minimum increment to 600 AED not 5600 AED. If wrongly you have entered 5600 AED then current bid will become 10600 AED. You have the privilege to cancel your highest bid only one time by pressing the cancel button until unless there is no other higher bid.

If anyone bids in the remaining last 05 minutes then the bid time will increase to 05 minutes every time somebody bids.

Example:Current bid remaining time: 02 minutes 30 seconds, current bid price: 10,000 AED and someone bid with an increment of 500 AED then the closing bid time will increase to 05 minutes and price will be 10500 AED.
One person can bid for all vehicles, as live bidding will happen one by one. There will be 2 minutes difference in all available auction vehicle. There will be increment on all the respective vehicle bid time according to the changes in current bid time.

6. Bid result

The final approval notice from the AWNIC within 24 hrs (During working days) will show you the highest bidder result.

7. Purchase and Delivery

Pay your deposit. Once the full amount has been paid by a person then you can take your vehicle from the site.

It’s that simple!